[ELECTRONIC VERSION] It's a book about video games. Their history, their evolution, their place in society. The narrative unfolds through a unique (and uniquely fitting) lens: a series of head-to-head battles, each telling another vital part of the story. We pit games, franchises, creators, and even intangible concepts against one another in this fast-paced ride. Each of the 25 chapters includes meticulously researched backstories for the contending sides, followed by a thoughtful exploration of their intersection and impact. 245 pages, full color.

VERSUS: 25 Head-to-Head Battles that Shaped the Evolution of Video Games

  • Pong vs. The Pretenders, Space Invaders vs. Asteroids, Pac-Man vs. Ms. Pac-Man, Coin-Op vs. Console, Atari vs. Activision, Shigeru Miyamoto vs. Convention, Console vs. PC, Tetris vs. Pokémon, Will Wright vs. The Ending, Nintendo vs. Sega, Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat, Pixels vs. Polygons, Doom vs. Quak, Legend of Zelda vs. Final Fantasy, Resident Evil vs. Silent Hill, Half-Life vs. Counter-Strike, Dreamcast vs. Destiny, Madden vs. NFL 2K, Sony vs. Microsoft, Grand Theft Auto vs. Authority, The People vs. Video Game Violence, World of Warcraft vs. League of Legends, Minecraft vs. The Machine, Hideo Kojima vs. Konami, VR vs. The Future


Nick Nelson and Jerrald Spencer Jr. are creators out of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Nick writes, Jay designs, and both channeled their passion into this project. We hope you enjoy it.

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